The Pop Culture Studio Presents: Trailers from the Public Domain

Dracula - Coming Soon
“Soon” is a relative concept…

It gives me great pleasure to announce the first original content to be featured on the Pop Culture Studio: Trailers from the Public Domain.

Items created as part of the Trailers from the Public Domain series will, as the name suggests, be trailers for (imaginary) movies based on famous characters and stories that fall within the public domain and are therefore free for me use.

For the subject of the first trailer, I have chosen Bram Stoker’s classic gothic horror novel, Dracula.

At this point, you’re probably wondering what format these trailers might take. As some of you might recall, I mentioned in a previous Noticeboard post that I was currently reading Jim William’s excellent The Animator’s Survival Kit, and part of the reason for my reading this is because I intend to bring the trailers to life using animation.

I fully expect this to be a challenging process, filled with obstacles that I can’t even imagine, and as promised, I will ensure that you have full behind-the-scenes access to this creative undertaking via a series of progress updates over the months ahead.

Overall, I’m excited by the prospect of sinking my teeth (sorry, couldn’t resist) into my first project for The Studio, and hope that I am able to bring you an interpretation of Stoker’s ever-popular tale that is both true to the original source material and yet stands apart from the vast catalogue of adaptations that already exists.


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