Noticeboard: May 2015

I’m going to depart from the usual Noticeboard formula this month, as these updates were growing stale and beginning to remind me of an awesome looking trailer for a terrible movie: what was promised at the outset rarely matched what was delivered in the end.

So rather than rattle off a list of features that you can expect to read this month (a list I will almost certainly ignore as the weeks wear on), I’m just going to go ahead and assure you that posts this month will include the usual mix of formats and subject matter, and will probably include reviews, Soapbox rants, Crystal Ball theories and all the other fun stuff you’ve come to expect over the last six months or so.

Having said that, I should probably point out at this point that there might be a little less content than you’re used to, not just this month but going forward in general. I don’t want to set any expectations, but I think it’s fair to say that I’ll be aiming for at least one update a week as a minimum, with hopefully more than that if I can make it happen.

Why am I taking my foot off the throttle? It’s actually pretty simple: I want The Pop Culture Studio to start living up to its name and begin showcasing original content. For that to happen, I have to actually make said content, and that takes time.

I’ve had plenty of creative projects on the backburner for too long now, and I’m really itching to get a few of them properly under way, so between the desire to move this side of things forward, plus my commitments to work and my social life (all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, after all), I’ve really got to prioritise which avenues I channel my energy into (boring but true).

But on the plus side, you’ll still be getting at least four long form articles each month, and maybe even some cool new exclusive material as well, so it really is all gravy, gang.

On that positive note, I’d also like to draw attention to the new site layout, which I think you’ll agree is a step up from what The Studio was rocking previously.

Not only do we have a shiny new logo, but via the hamburger menu (I kid you not, this is the industry name for these menus, and it makes me hungry every time) in the top right corner, you can now access a handy side menu.

Using this menu, you can filter posts by category or by month of publication, and there are also links to some of The Studio’s favourite pop culture-related sites (including, shamelessly, The Studio page over at Movie Pilot).

But most importantly, you’ll see that there are four social media buttons at the top of the page now – you can use these to follow The Studio on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and WordPress (and I’d encourage you to do so; not only will it help you stay up to date with recent posts, but there is often content posted exclusively to these accounts). You can also use the stylish social media icons at the bottom of each post to share via these respective platforms, and while you’re there, why not like a post if it tickles your fancy?

Lastly, don’t be afraid to get in touch, either by commenting on a post or a with shout out on social media. The Pop Culture Studio was designed around the idea of building a community of like minded pop culture geeks, so sound off if you get the urge!

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