Noticeboard: June 2015

So we’re officially halfway through 2015 this week, which makes now a good time to take stock of where The Pop Culture Studio is at, and more importantly, where it’s going.

As signposted up front, last month saw less updates to the site than previous months.

While part of this was the result of the fact that I ended up deciding to break lease and move house on a whim (editor’s note: The Pop Culture Studio advises against breaking lease and moving house on a whim), on a less prosaic level, a much greater part was due to my desire to refocus on the creative side of things going forward, and as those who follow The Studio on social media can attest, the time I didn’t spend writing new updates was devoted to my ongoing efforts to master the digital canvas.

This is something that will continue over the months (and quite probably years) ahead, but as promised in May, you can still expect to see at least three to four pop culture-inspired posts per month, and June is no exception.

Yep, even though I’ll be heading back to Australia later today for a two week holiday (my best mate is marrying his beautiful fiancee!), I’m still going to be writing reviews, soapbox rants, anatomy lessons and more every spare second I get, in addition to sketching on my Wacom tablet (which I’ve already packed as safely as possible at the centre of my luggage), so make sure you watch this space!

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