Noticeboard: October 2015

So here we are at last: The Pop Culture Studio’s one year anniversary. When I posted the first update in October 2014, I had no way of knowing how long this little experiment of mine would last, and it’s with no small amount of pride that I’m able to announce that The Studio is still here preaching the good word about pop culture 12 months later.

Not that there weren’t a few missteps along the way.

I’ll freely admit that most of the early posts range from over-written to just plain awful, but there have also been plenty of things to celebrate too.

Back when I was starting out, if you’d have told me I’d be posting Q&A interviews with industry pros on The Pop Culture Studio, I’d have laughed in your face (I’m a bit of a jerk like that). And yet these Q&As have become a recurring feature on the site more recently.

Likewise, I wouldn’t have thought it likely that I’d be invited to represent The Studio via guest posts on other sites, yet this has also happened since launch day.

The Studio has also gone from having virtually no social media presence to a website with followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram (which also serve as a record of my ongoing progress learning to draw with digital pen and ink).

Most importantly though, I think the standard of writing has come a long way too, and in case you’re wondering, my personal favourite articles so far are this one, this one and this one.

However all of this now lies in the past – what can you expect from The Pop Culture Studio in future?

Well, not only will there be more of the same features you like, I’m also hoping to introduce new article formats and maybe even branch out into different types of media going forward.

Better still, now that The Studio is well and truly up and running, I’m really going to knuckle down on the creative side of things.

In the here and now, though – this month you can expect the latest Five Minutes With… Q&A, the next in the ongoing series of Star Wars-themed articles, as well as the usual reviews, rants and lectures (at least one of which will be likely have a rugby bent, thanks to the World Cup currently being played in my part of the world).

Before I wrap up, I’d like to take this opportunity express my sincerest thanks to everyone who has supported The Pop Culture Studio this last year.

I’m not just talking about my family and friends (who have been a source of constant encouragement), but to everyone who is a part of the pop culture world (pro or fan) who took the time read something I wrote, who has followed the site or has offered something as kind as a Like or a nice comment.

Let me say from the bottom of my heart that all of these things make a difference, and really are the coal that makes The Studio train roll (yes, I totally stole that last bit from a Black Keys song).

That’s about it for my little birthday speech, but as always, the floor is open to you guys to reach out to me (either in the comments below, or on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Instagram).

What was your favourite post from the last year? What was your least? What would you like to see more of in The Studio’s second year? Let me know!

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