Noticeboard: November 2015

November is traditionally a busy time of year for most folks, and that’s no exception here at The Pop Culture Studio.

Seriously, with all the features, interviews and creative updates planned for this month, I’m really not sure how to fit it all in!

For starters, Bonfire Night is coming up in the UK, which means there’ll be the obligatory V for Vendetta-related article to look forward to on 5 November.

Next, we’ve got the second last in the ongoing series of Star Wars-themed articles, which will wrap up in December with the release of The Force Awakens.

Alongside this seasonal fare, there’s also a (quite frankly) ridiculous number of more general features planned to help get you through those dreary work day mornings, and if the stars align and the fates are kind, there might even be something unexpected to entertain you on the more creative side of things (at the very least, there should be some fresh sketches over on Instagram!).

Lastly, at this very moment, I’m working to finalise the latest Five Minutes With… pop culture insider interview, and while I can’t say for sure if you’ll see it this month, I can say that all things going to plan, this one will be more than worth the wait!

That’s it for this month’s announcements – but feel free to chime in at your end!

Which features would you like to see this month? And what pop culture gems should the features cover? Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter or Facebook!

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