Noticeboard: January 2016

Happy New Year everyone!

January always brings a certain buzz of excitement with it, and that’s certainly how things feel at The Pop Culture Studio right now, what with everything that’s being planned for both the month and year ahead.

First up, this month The Studio will feature its now-standard combination of reviews, analysis and good ol’ fashioned rants about new and classic movies, TV shows, novels and comic books – all designed to keep boredom in all its forms at bay.

Next on the agenda, I’m thrilled to say that the latest Five Minutes With… pop culture insider Q&A is expected to land within the next week or so.

These posts are always popular with readers, and it’s looking like this one’ll be as much of a cracker as the others, so something to look forward to there!

Lastly, on a more long-term front, I’m hoping to launch the next stage of Studio content soon, which will represent another leap forward in terms of the quality and variety of material available for you to enjoy.

I don’t want to give too exact a timeframe for this – Heaven forbid I should give a deadline and actually stick to it – but all things going to plan, expect to see the beginnings of The Pop Culture Studio 2.0 (as I’m totally NOT calling this project) within the next 2-3 months.

That about wraps up this Noticeboard – but please chime in at your end! What posts would you like to see more (or less) of in 2016? Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter or Facebook!

Noticeboard: January 2016

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