Noticeboard: November 2016

Last month, it was The Pop Culture Studio’s birthday, and this month, it’s mine!

That’s probably why it’s been a bit of a slow start when it comes to posts in November: because I’ve pretty much spent the last two weeks on what at least one family member has termed a “birthday fiesta”.

But you’ll be pleased to know that the fiesta is now well and truly over, and it’s back to work! I’ve already uploaded a Crystal Ball feature covering what Doctor Strange means for the future of the MCU, and later this week you can expect another edition of Soapbox, which looks at mysterious Star Wars baddie Supreme Leader Snoke.

These posts – along with the other articles scheduled to land before the month runs out – are all pretty solid reasons to keep your eye on The Studio in November (and maybe even consider joining the mailing list to see all updates as they happen?).

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