Noticeboard: January 2017

A (very) belated “Happy New Year” everyone!

Ask anyone you know about their hopes for the year ahead, and virtually all of them will say “Aw, jeez…I just wanna make it better than 2016”, and (except for the “Aw, jeez” part), that’s The Pop Culture Studio’s goal, too.

Thanks to your support, last year was The Studio’s best yet, which means that the bar has certainly been raised for 2017! Fortunately, I’ve come up with two new year’s resolutions that I think will ensure that The Studio is up to the challenge:

  • Watch/read and cover new and diverse stories: I’ve written before about the virtues of exposing yourself to new pop culture stories rather than just obsessing over the same old favourites, and this year, I’m going to take my own advice. That means I’m not only going try to watch and read as many brand new movies, TV shows, plays, comics and novels across all styles and genres as possible, I’m also scouring as many online “best of” lists as I can for inspiration from the past, and you can expect this to inform a lot of The Studio’s output over the coming 12 months.
  • Create more: Pretty simple, this one: a huge part of The Studio’s mission statement involves me creating pop culture works of my own, and to date I’ve mostly shirked this side of things. Not so this year!

Supporting all this will be the usual post formats you know and love, and given a little film called Star Wars – Episode XIII comes out this year, expect another six month long series of articles centred around a galaxy far, far away along with much, much more.

Here’s to another exciting year!

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