Noticeboard: June 2017

This may be the most important Noticeboard post I’ve uploaded in a while – possibly ever.

That’s because (as Bob Dylan so famously observed) the times they are a-changin’, or to be more specific, The Pop Culture Studio itself is changing.

As longtime readers will be aware, I occasionally post articles on other websites. Whilst previously this content has been posted free of charge, as of last month, I’m now being paid for the content I produce for two websites: Movie Pilot and Screen Rant.

Whilst me being a Verified Creator at Movie Pilot doesn’t really alter the day-to-day business of the The Pop Culture Studio (I simply re-post certain articles already posted here), becoming a freelance writer for Screen Rant does exactly that.

There’s two reasons for this. The first is that I will be working with an editorial team to decide upon the subject matter of articles and to shape the finished product in line with their house style. The second is that I won’t actually own these articles – they belong to Screen Rant.

As such, going forward, you can expect to see more posts reflecting Screen Rant’s approach to pop culture coverage (although filtered through my own sensibilities, of course), and you’ll also notice that these articles do not appear in full on The Studio website, but rather link through to Screen Rant’s website instead.

To the extent that time allows it, I’ll still be posting the kind of articles and videos unique to the Studio, so you don’t have to say goodbye to Anatomy Lesson, Pop Culture By The Numbers, Five Minutes With… or any of your other favourites – and as I remain an aspiring artist – it just means that these other types of posts will appear less frequently, which I hope you’ll be ok with.

All that said, the Screen Rant team are a super dedicated and talented bunch, so the articles I produce for them each month should keep you more than entertained, and given the amount of articles I owe them each month, you’ll be reading more posts than ever before, so there’s plenty to be excited about going forward!

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