15 weakest Force users in the Star Wars universe

Within the Star Wars universe, the Jedi and Sith are renowned for the fantastic abilities granted to them by the mystical energies of the Force. This level of reverence is so great, that virtually anyone with Force powers is treated with outrageous amounts of awe by those without, as if all Force sensitive beings were capable of the same legendary feats. The actual reality is that, while many Jedi Knights and Sith Lords are indeed breathtakingly powerful, as with any profession, there are also plenty who are actually pretty mediocre – in some cases, almost embarrassingly so.

Yes, you get heavy hitters like Master Yoda who can lift entire X-Wings off the ground with only their mind, but there are also quite a few also-rans who are barely able to levitate a pebble, so weak is their connection to the Force. As these less capable guys and gals rarely take centre stage in your typical adventure set in a galaxy far, far away (and rightly so), many of them tend to go unnoticed by your casual fan – but no more!

Read on as I comb through the entire Star Wars canon – as well as the non-canon pre-Disney era expanded universe (the stories from which are now labelled “Legends”) – to shine a spotlight on the 15 Weakest Force Users In The Star Wars Universe.

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