15 supervillain plots that make absolutely no sense

Everyone loves a larger-than-life supervillain plot. With good reason, too – after all, our favourite action-adventure franchises couldn’t function without the outlandish schemes of a bad guy trying to take over (or destroy!) the world. Where would James Bond be without the wicked designs of a cackling mastermind to foil? And yet, for every fiendishly ingenious plan that makes you marvel at the twisted brilliance of the mind behind it, there’s at least as many that make no sense whatsoever.

There’s several reasons why a supervillain’s plot can fail to add-up. Maybe it’s so poorly thought out that we can immediately tell it won’t achieve the villain’s stated goals, even if it goes off without a hitch. Perhaps science (that old killjoy!) tells us that the plot would be impossible to put in motion in the real world. Heck, it could even be that the underlying logic itself isn’t laid-out very clearly to the audience, making it hard to follow how and why the plot should work.

Whatever the reason may be, the end result is a nefarious scheme that leaves fans scratching their heads and asking, “Wait, what’s going on here?” In recognition of moments such as these, here’s a rundown of 15 supervillain plots that make absolutely no sense.

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