15 Times Superman Had To Team Up With His Villains

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend” – at least, that’s the prevailing wisdom. If that’s the case, then it must count double for superheroes and their opponents, at least if Superman is anything to go by! Over the course of a nearly 80-year career fighting on the side of justice, the Man of Steel has set aside his differences with several members of his rogues gallery in service of the greater good.

Yes, occasionally situations arise where even Superman’s nigh-unbeatable abilities and powerful allies prove ill-equipped for the task at hand. It’s at moments like these that the Last Son of Krypton has to appeal to the angels of his enemies’ better natures – or more often than not, convince them that aiding him will also help them.

More often than not, Superman’s pitch to his enemies amounts to the threat of mutually assured destruction. If his antagonists won’t pitch in to take care of whatever menace has reared its head, the Man of Steel makes it very clear that nobody (including them) will live to see another sunrise.

As such, these alliances tend to be rather short-term arrangements, although that doesn’t make them any less notable. Indeed, as this list of 15 Times Superman Had To Team Up With His Villains makes clear, when the Big Blue Boy Scout joins forces with his enemies, fireworks are never far behind!

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