15 most unworthy characters to wield Thor’s hammer

“Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor” – so goes the magical inscription outlining exactly who should (and just as importantly, shouldn’t) be able to heft Thor’s mighty mallet. However it turns out the criteria for worthiness – originally laid down by Odin – are more than a little vague.

Indeed, more than a few individuals have proven themselves able to swing Mjolnir despite their apparent lack of merit, suggesting the All-Father didn’t quite think the whole thing through properly!

Time and again, the hammer has been handled by people who clearly don’t deserve its awesome power. More often than not, these superheroes and villains have gotten their mitts on Mjolnir by craftily exploiting loopholes within the wording of Odin’s spell.

Other times, their ability to utilise the Marvel Universe’s most impressive building implement is down to a dubious manipulation of physics or other elemental forces. And then there are baffling instances where someone bearing Mjolnir actually does appear to meet Odin’s standards, only to have that privilege revoked by a seemingly fickle All-Father!

No matter how it happens, all that really matters is that despite the best efforts of Thor and his Pops, occasionally Mjolnir finds itself falling into the wrong hands, which is why I’ve pulled together this list of 15 most unworthy people to wield Thor’s hammer!

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