15 things wrong with The Matrix we all choose to ignore

When The Matrix arrived in cinemas back in 1999, it blew audiences away with its unique blend of martial arts spectacle, high-brow philosophising, and dazzling visual effects. Indeed, the film influenced the action genre for years to come, with subsequent filmmakers trying (and failing) to emulate the Hong Kong cinema/Japanese anime vibe of its stylised fight choreography.

Admittedly, series creators The Wachowskis themselves struggled to deliver a satisfying follow-up to their initial outing, with both The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions receiving a tepid response from viewers and critics alike. Nonetheless, the story of digital messiah Neo and fellow freedom fighters Trinity and Morpheus remains popular with fans who admire the franchise’s pioneering “bullet time” aesthetic and rich, underlying subtext.

Yet even The Matrix’s devoted followers – those who consider the first Matrix a masterpiece and its sequels underrated gems – probably realise that there’s plenty wrong with all three flicks. Yes, even the original movie has quite a few things that either don’t quite stack up or flat-out make no sense. So what doesn’t add up?

Here are 15 things wrong with The Matrix trilogy we all choose to ignore.

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