Star Wars – 15 times the Jedi and Sith forgot how to use their powers

Within the Star Wars universe, the Jedi Knights and Sith Lords are renowned for the awesome powers granted them by their mastery of the Force. With the Force as their ally, a fully trained member of either order can move faster, jump higher, and just generally fight better than a non-Force sensitive individual. They also boast a myriad of even more fantastical abilities, ranging from telekinesis to precognition and other extrasensory gifts.

As such, both Jedi and Sith combatants are theoretically unstoppable – except when they forget how to use their powers! If that sounds unlikely (or even a little silly), it shouldn’t. Over the course of all the Star Wars films released to date, numerous servants of the light and dark sides of the Force – including several very prominent ones – have lost because they neglected to effectively use the amazing abilities at their disposal.

There’s a real-world reason for this, of course: it’s just not that exciting to watch unbeatable characters, so the filmmakers occasionally resort to afflicting Force users with temporary amnesia. And let’s be honest – half the time, audiences are so enthralled by these adventures in a galaxy far, far away, they don’t even notice.

Here are 15 times the Jedi and Sith forgot how to use their powers.

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