9 Canceled Remakes That Would’ve Been Terrible (And 6 That Would’ve Been Amazing)

Remaking classic movies is a risky business. While there are obvious benefits to revisiting an old story – a proven box office track record and pre-existing fanbase – there’s no guarantee of success. Indeed, filmmakers aiming must strike a tricky balance, as they try to find a fresh new spin on the source material, without deviating too much from what made it so popular in the first place.

To be fair, sometimes Hollywood does get it right. In these instances, the resulting film is paradoxically familiar yet fresh, managing to explore the characters and themes in a way that complements – and occasionally even eclipses – the original. But more often than not, your average remake winds up being a disaster, with efforts like this year’s live-action retooling of Ghost in the Shell leaving viewers wondering whether those involved had even seen the original!

As such, it’s typically considered good news when a studio announces that it’s scrapping its latest attempt to remake an iconic movie or series – although there are at least a few exceptions.

With this in mind, here are 9 Canceled Remakes That Would’ve Been Terrible (And 6 That Would’ve Been Amazing).

This post was written exclusively for Screen Rant – click here to read the full article

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