15 biggest movie mysteries that can never be solved

In most films built around a mystery, the truth behind said mystery is revealed before the end credits roll. But that’s not always the case; indeed, some of the greatest movies of all time conclude with at least one major loose end intentionally left dangling. While ambiguity in films can be seen as a good thing – it invites viewers to actively engage with the story in order to find answers, and encourages further discussion – it can also be more than a little maddening!

After all, curiosity is huge part of human nature – we desperately want (even need) to know the definitive answers to these cinematic questions, in the same way we crave the secret behind a magic trick. Yet as with a magic trick, should we ever actually uncover conclusive proof that unravels one of these puzzles, deep down, we know we’re bound to wind up disappointed – after all, they’re not really meant to be solved.

Nevertheless, we all still try to decipher these big screen enigmas, and the detective work involved is undeniably fun. With this in mind, here are 15 movie mysteries that have never been solved.

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