Harry Potter – 15 wizards more powerful than Dumbledore

In the Harry Potter universe, Albus Dumbledore is widely regarded as the greatest wizard of the modern era – and rightly so. The Hogwarts headmaster was an exceptionally intelligent and extraordinarily talented sorcerer who mastered virtually every field of magic there is.

Dumbledore’s magical skills were so great he was able to defeat legendary Dark Wizard Gellert Grindelwald, despite the latter possessing the supposedly unbeatable Elder Wand. Even Lord Voldemort – history’s all-time greatest Dark Wizard – was rumored to fear going wand-to-wand with Albus, which indicates just how impressive his spellcasting prowess truly was.

But was Dumbledore the most powerful wizard who ever lived? Or were there witches and wizards whose magical abilities eclipsed his own? Certainly, there are a couple of candidates from across the centuries who could have given the old professor a run for his money!

Then there are those who – while not necessarily in Dumbledore’s league overall – far surpass his gifts in a particular magical discipline. After all, just because you’re generally an expert when it comes to any kind of magic, that doesn’t mean you’re quite as good as an actual specialist.

Read on, as I shine the spotlight on 15 wizards more powerful than Dumbledore.

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