Superman – Seven weird superpowers (and eight weaknesses) he only has in the movies

Superman has an impressive array of superpowers – even by superhero standards. Since he first debuted in 1938, the Man of Steel’s abilities have developed dramatically, to the point where the character’s detractors argue that his adventures are no longer entertaining.

After all, these days, Superman moves many times faster than a speeding bullet, and is far more powerful than any locomotive. As for skyscrapers? He doesn’t leap over them so much as soar. This presents a challenge for writers: how can they make Superman’s struggles compelling when the guy can do pretty much anything?

Over the past few decades, solutions have included everything from decreasing the upper limits of his powers to beefing up those of the enemies he faces. Critics are divided over whether either of these approaches is the right one – or whether the answer really lies with writers getting more creative. Nevertheless, the one thing everyone – writers and readers alike – seems to agree on is that the last thing Superman needs is more superpowers.

Apparently, this doesn’t extend to the filmmakers behind the various Superman movies, though, who have a perplexing habit of attributing new abilities and (more understandably) weaknesses to our hero. What’s more, many of these new strengths and vulnerabilities come across as downright strange – even for a character who can fire microwaves out of his eyes!

With this in mind, here are seven weird superpowers (and eight weaknesses) Superman only has in the movies.

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