Monthly Round-Up – May 2018

Here’s a round-up of the blog posts you might have missed in May, grouped by the website on which they appeared.


  • As if Superman didn’t already have enough incredible abilities, here’s a look at the many weird and wonderful superpowers (and weaknesses) he’s displayed on the big screen over the years (click here)
  • A rundown of the most and least obvious instances where roles have been recast in superhero franchises – did you spot them all? (click here)
  • Think you know Harry Potter? Here’s 15 things about the boy wizard’s iconic scar that might surprise you (click here)
  • Lightsabers are the coolest weapons ever – and here are 20 equally amazing behind-the-scenes facts about how these futuristic swords were brought to life on screen (click here)
  • What’s funnier than Deadpool 2? How about this collection of memes inspired by the supposed rivalry between the Merc With A Mouth and Avengers baddie Thanos (click here)


  • A countdown of movies that are (believe it or not) secretly about movie-making (click here)

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