Freelance writing: Taste of Cinema

One of the keys to success as a freelance writer is knowing how much work to take on. Sign up for too few gigs and you’ll go broke; sign on for too many, and you’ll quickly find yourself overwhelmed. My six month stint writing for Taste of Cinema back in 2018 epitomised this dilemma.

I really enjoyed working for Taste of Cinema. I’d written enough list-based articles at that point of my career that I could turn my assignments around quickly, and the site’s target audience of hardcore cinephiles meant I could successfully pitch articles that my Screen Rant editors would have turned down.

But ultimately, the weekly slog of writing for two sites at the same time as I was about to start a new full-time job doesn’t didn’t make sense. So, I made the tough decision to wrap up my regular freelancing gig at Taste of Cinema – and learned a valuable lesson about freelancing in the process.

Check out my full back catalogue of Taste of Cinema articles below.

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