Monthly Round-Up – November 2019

Here’s a round-up of the blog posts you might have missed in November, handily grouped by the website on which they appeared:


  • Now that Joker has proven the viability of out-of-continuity, standalone comic book movies, here’s a list of stories that deserve the “DC Black” treatment next (click here)
  • X-Men comic book continuity is notoriously convoluted, as illustrated by the storylines on this list! (click here)
  • Some comic book crossover events change the status quo forever, while others may as well have never happened – this list rounds up prime examples of both (click here)

Screen Rant

  • Scream, Back to the Future and Pretty Woman – these are just some of the hit movies on this list that were nearly saddled with terrible titles (click here)
  • Daniel Craig’s tenure as James Bond will draw to a close with next year’s No Time To Die; this list looks at everything right (and wrong) with Craig’s stint as 007 to date (click here)
  • Before Ghostbusters: Afterlife there was abandoned sequel Ghostbusters III – and you won’t believe how crazy it would have been! (click here)
  • Cinema has a long history of delayed sequels; this list separates the good from the bad, to determine which of these belated follow-up flicks were (and weren’t) worth the wait (click here)

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