Freelance writing: News and list articles for CBR

Towards the end of my stint writing for Screen Rant, I became confident enough in my ability to turn around more than two or three list articles a week. I decided to take on another client, and settled on Screen Rant’s comics-focused sister site, CBR.

This made sense for two reasons. Firstly, the CBR gig was essentially the same as what I did for Screen Rant: writing two or more “listicles” a week. Since I already knew the list format inside out (including how long each article would take to draft), this meant I understood exactly what my extra workload would be like. Secondly, I love comics at least as much as I love movies – so getting paid to write about them was a no-brainer.

I submitted lists to CBR from 2019 until early 2020. Not only was it great fun, but it taught me valuable lessons about how to juggle multiple freelance writing assignments at once. That said, I was also fairly confident that my days freelancing for CBR were over once I said goodbye to the Lists team. The only way I could see myself writing for the site again was in a different department working as a full-time freelancer, and I still wasn’t ready to make that jump yet.

Fast forward to 2022 and now I was looking for full-time freelance assignments… which led me back to CBR! As of January 2022, I’ve rejoined the CBR team as an Associate Writer covering the latest in film and TV news. So far, this new gig has been a blast; I get a steady paycheck to write about what I love and still have plenty of time to pitch ad hoc articles to other sites like Polygon and Cultured Vultures – what’s not to love?

Check out my full back catalogue of CBR articles below!

Need a freelance writer for your film, TV, comic book or video game website? Please get in touch.

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