Easel Update: August 2017

“Hurry up and finish me, already!”

In the last Easel Update, I promised that the next post in this series would feature more exciting subject matter.

Well, consider that promise fulfilled, as this month, every sketch features an actual, bonafide superhero or villain – all taken from the (admittedly obscure!) stable of artist Andy Smith’s 90s comics series, The First Man.

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Easel Update: August 2017

Easel Update: May 2017

I wish I could say this was a self-portrait…

Another month, another Easel Update – this time centred around studies of the human figure.

Whilst readers of The Studio’s Instagram account will be aware that there were also several other sketches done over the last couple of months (predominantly still life drawings), I’ve chosen to focus the May Update on figure work for several reasons.

The first is that this material shows a strong sense of progress, both from similar work shared in the February post, as well as between the individual pieces featured this time around.

The second – and most important – reason is that with this phase of my artistic development behind me, it really does feel like we’ve reached the end of the beginning, and that far more exciting artwork is now just over the horizon!

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Easel Update: February 2017

Ok, so it’s another headshot, but I don’t think this counts…

It’s always been incredibly nervewracking, sharing the latest sketches from sketchpad or digital tablet, and never more so than this month.

That’s because this time around, in addition to my ongoing work to improve my fundamentals – focussing most recently on the human figure – I’ve also experimented with other drawing subjects and styles, and the results have been somewhat mixed.

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Easel Update: February 2017

Easel Update: September 2016

Sadly, my red and blue construction lines don’t make this a 3D image…

You might have noticed a lack of new posts from The Pop Culture Studio over the past few weeks – as those of you who follow The Studio on Facebook or Twitter will already know, this is thanks to some rather pesky gremlins causing havoc with the IT systems.

Fortunately, whilst said gremlins are only just now being rounded up and the damage from their rampage repaired, in the interim, I’ve at least been able to make good on my promise to hit the drawing board and have spent the last month or so sketching away the hours normally spent posting on the site (or working on pitches and the like).

And so it it’s with a real sense of pleasure that I post this latest Easel Update, which – save for a few sketches up front – represents a rare look me kicking it old school with traditional pen and ink drawings (in the absence of my beloved digital tablet!).

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Easel Update: September 2016

Easel Update: December 2015

Astro Boy
I’d be that excited too, if I had rockets for feet

So I had a bit of an epiphany recently – I realised that I often mention the sketches I’m working on as I continue to experiment with my digital tablet (not to mention work at becoming more consistent as an artist overall!), but I never actually share them!

Sure, they go up on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram, but it’d be nice to feature these little training exercises here on the site.

After all, I did promise to share my creative development with you guys way back in the first ever Studio post, and besides, by uploading my artwork here, it gives me the chance to waffle on and on about it under the guise of “commentary”.

So without further ado, let’s take a look back at some of my most recent sketches from the last few months!

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