Soapbox: 20 Abandoned Comic Book TV Shows That Almost Happened

Which isn’t to say they should have happened, either…

Since the dawn of television, network executives have been in desperate need of new content to fill their broadcast schedules. Comic books have certainly helped in this regard, providing inspiration for several popular TV shows over the past 60 years.

From the classic Adventures of Superman series in the 1950s, through to Marvel Studios’ recent Netflix output, numerous superhero properties have been translated to the small screen. Even comics not centered around costumed adventurers have served as the basis for TV shows, including horror phenomenon The Walking Dead.

That’s just the live-action side of things – when animated outings are taken into account, the number of comic book-based TV programmes skyrockets. Not only have these shows proven a hit with audiences over the years, but many are also held in high regard by critics, with shows like Batman: The Animated Series considered a high watermark for the medium.

Not every comic book TV show gets the green-light from networks. Indeed, a surprising number of comics-inspired series were abandoned very late in the day – often after substantial pre-production work had been undertaken or a full-blown pilot produced!

With this in mind, here are 20 Comic Book TV Shows That Almost Happened.

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Soapbox: 20 Abandoned Comic Book TV Shows That Almost Happened

Soapbox: 16 Things You Never Knew About The Failed Daredevil Movie

It turns out moviegoers (unlike justice) aren’t blind…

There’s never been a better time to be Daredevil. After starring in two critically lauded seasons of his own Netflix series – not to mention sharing the spotlight in team-up outing The Defenders – the blind lawyer from Hell’s Kitchen has never been more popular.

Wind back the clock 14 years, however, and ol’ Hornhead’s star was shining considerably less brightly, after the disappointing critical and commercial reaction to the Daredevil film.

Directed by Mark Steven Johnson – the guy behind the equally sub-par Ghost Rider adaptation – Daredevil underperformed at the box office, particularly when you look at the numbers superhero movies are pulling in today. The film also received mixed reviews, with more than one critic taking it to task for its underwhelming and derivative narrative.

It wasn’t just the industry press who savaged the film either. Daredevil himself, Ben Affleck, made disparaging remarks about his time working on the film, and would later refuse to appear in the proposed sequels.

Yes, it seems that nothing ever quite clicked on the Daredevil set, but even so, that doesn’t mean the film isn’t worth revisiting.

On the contrary, as you’d expect from a failed superhero flick, there are actually several interesting, shocking, and frankly, depressing facts related to one of Marvel’s less successful productions.

Here are 16 Things You Never Knew About The Failed Daredevil Movie.

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Soapbox: 16 Things You Never Knew About The Failed Daredevil Movie

Soapbox: Defenders – 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Stick

Stick in Daredevil
Fact #16: Yes, he is really for real blind…

Marvel’s The Defenders arrives on Netflix later this month, signalling the culmination of the studio’s plan to replicate their ridiculously successful cinematic model on the small screen.

Not only does the miniseries see the return of DaredevilJessica JonesLuke Cage, and Iron Fist – drawn together to form the eponymous superhero team – but also several of the supporting players from each of their respective series.

Among these familiar faces, without doubt the most mysterious is Daredevil’s former mentor Stick. Unlike fellow guests stars like Elektra or the Punisher, Matt Murdock’s enigmatic martial arts master stands out by virtue of just how little extra information fans of the comics know about him.

He might have been around for over 35 years, but Stick has kept his cards fairly close to his chest, revealing very little about his past during this time. What was his childhood like? Has he ever been in love? Exactly when did he start referring to himself as a fallen tree branch? Your guess is as good as anyone’s!

Still, there are at least some things we know about creator Frank Miller’s modern spin on the “blind samurai” archetype, some of which may have a bearing on the plot of The Defenders. With that in mind, we’ve done some digging and pulled together this list of 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Stick!

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Soapbox: Defenders – 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Stick

Review: Luke Cage (Season 1)

Rule #1 of being a bulletproof superhero: get your hands on a bulletproof outfit

It’s past the middle of October, which means by now we’ve all binged our way through the first season of Marvel Studios’ Luke Cage on Netflix since it landed earlier in this month.

I think most people who have blitzed through these first 13 episodes will agree that showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker has crafted an entertaining show, albeit one that’s not without some fairly major flaws, either.

Still, by telling a superhero story directly linked to the African American experience, Choker and his team have created something different to every other comic book adaptation out there, pushing the genre in a new direction and putting out the most important work that Marvel Studios has produced since last year’s Jessica Jones.

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Review: Luke Cage (Season 1)