Soapbox: Remember, Remember The Fifth Of November – Five Things You Didn’t Know About V For Vendetta

Do pop culture icons come any more unlikely than this guy?

When V for Vendetta first arrived in cinemas back in 2006, it seemed unlikely to trouble the box office. After all, it was based on a 1980s comic book by Alan Moore and David Lloyd that was practically unknown to non-comics fans, giving it very little brand recognition to trade on.

And yet director James McTeigue’s take on the material – which follows the efforts of Guy Fawkes-clad V (Hugo Weaving) and his protégé Evey (Natalie Portman) to topple a totalitarian UK government – nonetheless wound up being a huge critical and commercial success.

With Bonfire Night upon us, now seems like the perfect time to revisit the film, so here’s a list of five things you didn’t know about V for Vendetta!

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Soapbox: Remember, Remember The Fifth Of November – Five Things You Didn’t Know About V For Vendetta

Review: Blade Runner 2049

This vision of the future remains as bleakly beautiful as ever

So much has already been said about Blade Runner 2049 – director Denis Villeneuve’s follow up to Ridley Scott’s 1982 cult sci-fi classic – that it’s hard to know where to begin.

The film – which, like its predecessor, draws upon Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep – has received near universal acclaim from critics, which is nothing short of remarkable for a sequel weighed down by 35 years worth of expectations!

But amid reports of underwhelming box office returns, casual moviegoers might be left wondering if Blade Runner 2049 lives up the massive amount of hype cinema buffs have built up around it.

The honest answer is no, probably not. However if Villeneuve’s film isn’t quite the masterpiece it’s being hailed as, it’s always good and often brilliant, and most importantly, serves as a worthy continuation of the Blade Runner story.

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Review: Blade Runner 2049

Soapbox: 20 Confusing Movie Endings (And What Happened Next) Explained

Not even these guys knew what they were fighting about by the end…

If you’re a movie fan – and we’re guessing you are, given you’ve visited Screen Rant – you’ve come across your fair share of confusing endings. While some films are downright baffling from start to finish, in a lot of cases, things only start to take an unexpected (and often inexplicable) turn during the closing moments.

Sometimes, we can tease out the meaning behind a finale with bit of extra thought (not to mention a cheeky repeated viewing or two). But just as often, even after considerable mental effort and umpteen re-watchings, viewers can still be left scratching their heads.

This can be further aggravated in instances where films end on an ambiguous, open-ended note. Here, the director deliberately refuses to serve up an easy answer to audiences, leaving us to wonder not only how the story ended, but inviting us to speculate over what happened next.

Fortunately, thanks to the wonders of the Internet age, we have a jaw-dropping wealth of information at our finger tips – whether it’s actual commentary by the filmmakers or well-researched theories by fans and critics.

As such, we’ve mined this online knowledge bank to create this list, which covers 20 Insanely Confusing Movie Endings (And What Happened Next) – try to keep up!

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Soapbox: 20 Confusing Movie Endings (And What Happened Next) Explained

Soapbox: Game Of Thrones – 15 Worst Decisions Jon Snow Has Ever Made

In his defense, at least one of these decisions has since proven to be a good one!

The world of Game of Thrones has very few true heroes, but of the possible contenders, Jon Snow surely comes closest to fitting the bill.

The bastard of Winterfell – who is probably neither a Stark nor a bastard! – certainly possesses several traditional heroic traits. Jon is a brave and capable warrior, a loyal and compassionate friend and ally, and self-sacrificing.

Valiant or not, Jon doesn’t exactly have the greatest track record when it comes to decision-making. While his former flame Ygritte may have been overstating things when she said “You know nothing, Jon Snow”, it is fair to say that our guy doesn’t exactly have a great grasp of cause and effect.

Admittedly, many of the choices Jon has made were a case of making the best of a terrible situation outside his control. Others represent instances where the King in the North was prepared to accept negative consequences in the short term and banking on this paying dividends in the long term.

On the other hand, on more than a few occasions, the thought processes of the former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch have been borderline bonkers, even resulting in his (quickly reversed) death!

With all of this in mind, here’s a round-up of the 15 Worst Decisions Jon Snow Has Made over the past 7 seasons of Game of Thrones!

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Soapbox: Game Of Thrones – 15 Worst Decisions Jon Snow Has Ever Made

Live From The Pop Culture Studio: Everything You Need To Know About American Gods

Mr. Wednesday and Shadow both regretted the decision to fly coach

American Gods – Starz latest big budget TV series – arrives on our screens this weekend.

While fans of the Neil Gaiman novel on which the series is based will already be up to speed with what to expect, others might be a little less certain.

Never fear though – this month’s Live From The Pop Culture Studio video covers everything newcomers need to know about American Gods!

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Anatomy Lesson: “When You Walk Through The Garden…”

If you always thought Jimmy McNulty was The Wire’s main character, you may be in for a bit of a shock…

This year marks the 15th anniversary of The Wire – creator David Simon’s blistering HBO crime drama widely (and rightly) regarded as one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

So much more than a mere police procedural or gangland soap opera, The Wire almost defies classification, continually growing in geographical, psychological and thematic scope, ultimately offering up a highly nuanced and well-realised discussion on – and indictment of – American society and its institutions.

It’s actually this dizzying level of complexity that has, to date, kept me from writing anything about the show, despite it being my all-time favourite TV drama – frankly, I’m just not sure I’m smart enough to do it justice.

Still, it seems criminal (sorry…) to let this milestone pass without making any comment, especially given how ripe The Wire is for analysis, so for this month’s Anatomy Lesson post, we’re going to take a look at the series finale, “–30–”, which provided the perfect send off to five of the most brilliant seasons to ever grace the small screen.

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Anatomy Lesson: “When You Walk Through The Garden…”

Soapbox: Five Amazing Irish Films For (Almost) Any Mood

You cannot have an Irish films list and not include Daniel Day-Lewis – FACT

It’s St. Patrick’s Day this Friday, which provides us with a great excuse to take a look at some of the finest films to ever come out of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Whilst this list is by no means exhaustive (I could – and almost certainly will – do a follow-up listnext year!), what is does have going for it is that, regardless of how you’re feeling, it’s got you covered.

So whether you’re in the mood for romance, confrontation, inspiration, laughter or dragons (totally a thing), read on to find the perfect Irish movie for you!

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Soapbox: Five Amazing Irish Films For (Almost) Any Mood