Soapbox: Lord Of The Rings – 15 Things You Never Knew About Middle-Earth

Middle-Earth Map
Otherwise known as “the mythical kingdom of New Zealand”…

From the moment J.R.R. Tolkien first introduced readers to Middle-earth with The Hobbit, fans have been blown away by the scope of his fantasy world. With its detailed history, constructed languages and well-established geography, Middle-earth is arguably the most fully-realized imaginary environment in all of literature.

Indeed, the unmatched immersive quality of Tolkien’s life’s work has had such a profound effect on the genre that it’s spawned countless imitators over the years. Although some of these – like A Song of Ice and Fire – have made a worthwhile attempt at capturing a similar sense of reality to the one Tolkien was able to infuse into his own magical realm, none have so far surpassed the bar set by Middle-earth.

In recent years, more people than ever have become familiar with Tolkien’s world of Hobbits, Wizards and Orcs, thanks to the huge success of Peter Jackson’s blockbuster film adaptations of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. However, more casual fans – particularly those who haven’t read Tolkien’s wider body of work – probably don’t know as much about Middle-earth as they might think.

That’s why we’ve pulled together this list highlighting 15 Things You Never Knew About Middle-Earth, in order to bring you fully up to speed on the greatest place that never was!

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Soapbox: Lord Of The Rings – 15 Things You Never Knew About Middle-Earth

Crystal Ball: How Game of Thrones will end

Game of Thrones_Tree
This tree is so nice, it was almost worth sitting through Bran’s scenes to see it

Welcome to the latest Crystal Ball feature – in this installment, we’re going to turn our powers of divination towards the smash hit HBO adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels: Game of Thrones!

With Season 5 nearly upon us, all we keep hearing from the cast and crew is that the end of the show (if not the books) is nigh, with as few as two more seasons potentially remaining.

But what should we expect, when Winter finally arrives? Gather up your tarot deck and any other fortune telling faff you might have to hand, as we attempt to peer through the mists of time and try to determine the final fate of Westeros!

(And of course, let me just signpost a big, fat spoiler warning to those of you keen to avoid any information from the books or show up until this point, as well as any of the fan theories currently doing the rounds on the interwebs).

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Crystal Ball: How Game of Thrones will end