Soapbox: 10 Last-Minute Changes That Saved Movies (And 6 That Ruined Them)

Who’d have guessed both of these characters doing less fighting would be a good thing?

It takes years of planning to make a typical Hollywood film – and this can even stretch to decades, particularly where big budget blockbusters are concerned. As you’d expect, an incredible amount of decision-making is involved along the way, all to ensure that the best possible story ultimately finds its way into cinemas.

Amazingly, though, it’s often the last-minute changes made by filmmakers that determine whether a movie is a massive success or a bitter disappointment. Sometimes, these edits are made after the director has a “Eureka!” moment, realizing just in time what elements need to be amended for the final cut to truly soar.

In other cases, the circumstances are motivated less by artistic considerations and more by the commercial bottom line. Here, the studio financing the production will mandate alterations intended to maximize box office revenue – often based on feedback from test screenings.

Regardless of the rationale behind these edits, what makes them remarkable is just how late they’re implemented. Seriously: we were only weeks away from seeing very different versions of some of the most popular films of all time!

With this in mind, here are 10 Last-Minute Changes That Saved Movies (And 6 That Ruined Them).

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Soapbox: 10 Last-Minute Changes That Saved Movies (And 6 That Ruined Them)

Soapbox: 6 Amazing Movie Scenes That Almost Never Happened

It’s fair to say that this article took a bit of Indiana Jones-style archaelogy!

As even the most casual movie fan could tell you, virtually every frame of a film – even a bad film – takes months of planning and creative development.

Having said that, it’s quite startling just how many memorable movie scenes were either a last minute addition, or were very nearly left on the editing room floor!

From pre-production re-thinks to post-production re-shoots, you wouldn’t believe how many iconic cinematic moments came this close to not winding up on the screen.

With this in mind, here’s a round-up of six amazing movie scenes that almost never happened!

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Soapbox: 6 Amazing Movie Scenes That Almost Never Happened

Five Minutes With…Guy Hendrix Dyas (Part 1)

Guy collaborating with director Terry Gilliam on the set of The Brothers Grimm

Ever watched a movie or TV show and thought to yourself: “Damn, this sure looks pretty”?

I’m willing to bet that you have, and the person you should be thanking for those stunning visuals is the production designer (or PD, for short).

PDs look after the overall look of a film or TV show, working alongside the director and producer to choose the settings and develop the style needed to tell the story visually.

Needless to say, they are a major creative force on any production, as the work of this month’s Five Minutes With… Q&A participant, Guy Hendrix Dyas, makes abundantly clear.

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Five Minutes With…Guy Hendrix Dyas (Part 1)

Soapbox: Top of the pops – The 10 best dads in Pop Culture

Well, this pretty much gives away who snagged the top spot…

Something you only really begin to appreciate once your friends and siblings start to have kids is just how hard it is to be a good parent.

Not only does it require a (super)heroic amount of effort to do the job well, but it’s also easily one of life’s most thankless tasks.

With Father’s Day rolling around this weekend, I’ve decided to pull together a list of the 10 best dads in pop culture, as a small way of paying tribute to the efforts of all the real life fathers who do the role proud.

This list doesn’t celebrate the coolest characters who also happen to be dads – don’t expect to see Darth Vader or Walter White make an appearance – but rather those guys who actually do a decent job of parenting. Bravo, gentlemen.

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Soapbox: Top of the pops – The 10 best dads in Pop Culture

Soapbox: So what’s in a MacGuffin?

All that fuss over a statue! Of a bird!
Whether you’re an aspiring movie buff or simply someone who spends their time around a lot of film geeks, chances are you’ve heard the word “MacGuffin” used in conversation more than once.

It’s the type of cinematic term that more ardent fans tend to assume everyone else is familiar with, and thus its meaning often goes unexplained.

So just what exactly is a MacGuffin? And why does it keep cropping up when people talk movies?

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Soapbox: So what’s in a MacGuffin?