Soapbox: 15 Things You Completely Missed In Kingsman: The Secret Service

Colin Firth headlining an action-comedy spy movie: this is something that ACTUALLY happened…

When Kingsman: The Secret Service roared into cinemas back in 2014, it quickly won audiences over with its hyper-kinetic, gleefully irreverent take on the spy movie genre.

Directed by Matthew Vaughn and loosely based on the comic book series by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons, the film proved a box office smash, raking in $414.4 million off the back of a modest $80 million budget.

As such, it came as no surprise when 20th Century Fox announced that a sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, was in the works for a 2017 release date. Arriving on 22 September, the follow-up – which continues the story of delinquent turned secret agent Eggsy – looks set to be even bigger than its predecessor.

Given the anticipation surrounding the Golden Circle, there’s no better time to revisit the original entry in the Kingsman franchise. This is especially the case as – despite its enthusiastically over-the-top style – the movie is actually layered with plenty of easy to overlook details.

To make life easier for you, we’ve used our own espionage and infiltration skills to compile this list of 15 Things You Completely Missed In Kingsman: The Secret Service. So read on, and remember: Manners Maketh Man!

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Soapbox: 15 Things You Completely Missed In Kingsman: The Secret Service

Soapbox: A Christmas movie for every occasion

This image is the least wholesome thing about this list, I promise

It’s holiday season, and what better way to celebrate than by vegging out on the couch in front of some decent Christmas classics?

And yet, this isn’t always as easy as it sounds. After all, while Christmas may be “the most wonderful time of the year”, it’s also one of the most emotionally complex.

One minute you’re singing carols proclaiming the glory of the new born Christ, the next, you’re screaming his name as your prize turkey goes up in flames.

As such, it’s critical to have a robust programme of Yuletide flicks at your fingertips, in order to accommodate all of the major moods and occasions that the silly season can throw your way.

With this in mind, I’ve prepared the following list of Christmas-themed movies for your convenience. Whether you’re full of cheer, about to go on a ho-ho-homicidal spree, or somewhere inbetween, there’s bound to be something on this list for you!

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Soapbox: A Christmas movie for every occasion