Review: Blade Runner 2049

This vision of the future remains as bleakly beautiful as ever

So much has already been said about Blade Runner 2049 – director Denis Villeneuve’s follow up to Ridley Scott’s 1982 cult sci-fi classic – that it’s hard to know where to begin.

The film – which, like its predecessor, draws upon Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep – has received near universal acclaim from critics, which is nothing short of remarkable for a sequel weighed down by 35 years worth of expectations!

But amid reports of underwhelming box office returns, casual moviegoers might be left wondering if Blade Runner 2049 lives up the massive amount of hype cinema buffs have built up around it.

The honest answer is no, probably not. However if Villeneuve’s film isn’t quite the masterpiece it’s being hailed as, it’s always good and often brilliant, and most importantly, serves as a worthy continuation of the Blade Runner story.

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Review: Blade Runner 2049

Soapbox: 20 Confusing Movie Endings (And What Happened Next) Explained

Not even these guys knew what they were fighting about by the end…

If you’re a movie fan – and we’re guessing you are, given you’ve visited Screen Rant – you’ve come across your fair share of confusing endings. While some films are downright baffling from start to finish, in a lot of cases, things only start to take an unexpected (and often inexplicable) turn during the closing moments.

Sometimes, we can tease out the meaning behind a finale with bit of extra thought (not to mention a cheeky repeated viewing or two). But just as often, even after considerable mental effort and umpteen re-watchings, viewers can still be left scratching their heads.

This can be further aggravated in instances where films end on an ambiguous, open-ended note. Here, the director deliberately refuses to serve up an easy answer to audiences, leaving us to wonder not only how the story ended, but inviting us to speculate over what happened next.

Fortunately, thanks to the wonders of the Internet age, we have a jaw-dropping wealth of information at our finger tips – whether it’s actual commentary by the filmmakers or well-researched theories by fans and critics.

As such, we’ve mined this online knowledge bank to create this list, which covers 20 Insanely Confusing Movie Endings (And What Happened Next) – try to keep up!

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Soapbox: 20 Confusing Movie Endings (And What Happened Next) Explained

Soapbox: 6 Amazing Movie Scenes That Almost Never Happened

It’s fair to say that this article took a bit of Indiana Jones-style archaelogy!

As even the most casual movie fan could tell you, virtually every frame of a film – even a bad film – takes months of planning and creative development.

Having said that, it’s quite startling just how many memorable movie scenes were either a last minute addition, or were very nearly left on the editing room floor!

From pre-production re-thinks to post-production re-shoots, you wouldn’t believe how many iconic cinematic moments came this close to not winding up on the screen.

With this in mind, here’s a round-up of six amazing movie scenes that almost never happened!

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Soapbox: 6 Amazing Movie Scenes That Almost Never Happened

Soapbox: Masters Of The Universe – 15 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About The Movie

Proof positive that legendary poster artist Drew Struzan can making ANYTHING look cool…

Back in the 1980s, Filmation’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon series – and the Mattel action figure toy line it was based on – was the hottest thing going (if you were kid, at least).

It came as no surprise when a live-action adaptation of the story of Prince Adam (and his heroic alter ego, He-Man) was released in 1987. What did catch people unawares was just how terrible the film turned out to be!

Director Gary Goddard and production company Golan-Globus – the guilty party responsible for the even worse Superman IV: The Quest For Peace – served up an adventure barely recognizable to fans.

Sure, several of the franchise’s key ingredients – such as He-Man, his archvillain Skeletor, and Castle Grayskull – are present and accounted for. But just as many major aspects of Masters Of The Universe lore (including Prince Adam himself!) are nowhere to be seen.

Whilst Masters Of The Universe performed poorly at the box office – a $22 million haul against $17.3 million budget – it’s since gone on to become a cult classic, and there’s plenty of interesting trivia surrounding its troubled production.

With this in mind – and in honor of the film’s 30th anniversary last month – here’s a round up of 15 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About The Disastrous Masters Of The Universe Movie.

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Soapbox: Masters Of The Universe – 15 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About The Movie

Live From The Pop Culture Studio: Is Cobb Awake At The End Of Inception?

Never before has a simple children’s toy caused so much speculation!

There’s been a lot of buzz lately around Christopher Nolan’s latest film, Dunkirk, which opened last month. As stunning as Nolan’s war epic is, recently, I’ve actually found myself more preoccupied with one of the director’s earlier classics, dream-heist caper, Inception.

Specifically, I’ve been fixated on one question: at the end of the film, is Cobb awake or not? It’s a question that cinephiles have debated constantly since Inception was released way back in 2010 – and in this month’s Live From The Pop Culture Studio, we’re going to answer it!

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Live From The Pop Culture Studio: Is Cobb Awake At The End Of Inception?

Soapbox: Star Wars – 15 Deleted Scenes That Should Never Have Been Cut

Fortunately, everything the filmmakers left in was pretty good, too

Every great movie franchise – from James Bond to Harry Potter – has its fair share of amazing deleted scenes, and Star Wars is no different. Ever since the first film was released way back in 1977, awesome footage of our favorite galaxy far, far away has ended up on the cutting room floor!

Of course, the filmmakers almost always had very good reasons for trimming these moments from their respective Star Wars episodes. More often than not, the rationale behind these cuts was two-fold – to improve the plot’s pacing, as well as to streamline the narrative.

Whilst we can all agree that a briskly-paced, tightly-focused Star Wars movie is ideal, there’s a few instances where it seems that the editor’s scissors were used a bit too judiciously. The end result is scenes being omitted that should arguably have been left in the final cut.

Over the years, Lucasfilm has shared a hefty chunk of these rejected sequences, leading fans to speculate over whether or not they deserved to wind up on the trash heap.

With this in mind, we’ve sifted through all the available unused Star Wars footage, in order to pull together this list of 15 Star Wars Deleted Scenes That Should Have Been Included in the finished films!

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Soapbox: Star Wars – 15 Deleted Scenes That Should Never Have Been Cut

Soapbox: 20 Movie Cameos You Completely Missed

It was Bond’s most outlandish disguise yet…

Most movie cameos are easy to spot – indeed, a lot of the time, noticing these brief appearances by big names in the industry is entirely the point! But sometimes, these “mega star, minor moment” instances can fly completely under the radar.

When this happens, it’s almost always on purpose. The typical rationale for sneaking a recognizable face into a film is that the filmmakers want to do a favor for one of their high profile friends – and c’mon, who doesn’t want to be in a flick like Star Wars? – without distracting the audience.

Other times, it’s a case of those involved looking to have a bit of good-natured fun and hoodwinking the audience by hiding a major celebrity in plain sight.

Whatever the reason, spotting these often ultra-brief walk-ons by some of the biggest names in the entertainment world can be a surprisingly rewarding feeling – consider it the movie geek version of bird watching.

It also means that you’ll likely never watch certain scenes in quite the same way, knowing that guy or gal you thought was only an extra is actually a Hollywood A-lister in disguise.

So in order to totally rock your world – or at the very least, encourage you to revisit a lot of great films – we’ve compiled this list of 20 Movie Cameos You Completely Missed. Happy hunting!

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Soapbox: 20 Movie Cameos You Completely Missed