Soapbox: 15 Disney Scandals That Turned Out To Be Fake

Not even Disney’s most acclaimed films have managed to escape controversy

The Walt Disney Company was founded way back in 1923 – which is more than enough time for the global entertainment conglomerate to have courted its fair share of controversy. Over the last 94 years and counting, the House of Mouse has weathered scandals related to everything from the content of its films to the conduct of its media and theme park businesses.

Although many of the allegations Disney has faced during this time have since proven to be true, a surprising number have also ended up being false. This is especially the case with much of Walt Disney Studio’s animated output, where the brouhaha over certain supposedly immoral or discriminatory material often turns out to have little basis in actual fact.

Given Disney’s family-friendly image, situations like this which tarnish that reputation can be particularly damaging – not to mention frustrating, considering the public backlash involved is unwarranted. It can also be costly, as Disney will often go to the considerable expense of altering a film for its home video release, all to remove content that wasn’t even controversial in the first place!

Let’s take a look at 15 Disney Scandals That Turned Out To Be Fake from the past nine decades.

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Soapbox: 15 Disney Scandals That Turned Out To Be Fake

Soapbox: Top of the pops – The 10 best dads in Pop Culture

Well, this pretty much gives away who snagged the top spot…

Something you only really begin to appreciate once your friends and siblings start to have kids is just how hard it is to be a good parent.

Not only does it require a (super)heroic amount of effort to do the job well, but it’s also easily one of life’s most thankless tasks.

With Father’s Day rolling around this weekend, I’ve decided to pull together a list of the 10 best dads in pop culture, as a small way of paying tribute to the efforts of all the real life fathers who do the role proud.

This list doesn’t celebrate the coolest characters who also happen to be dads – don’t expect to see Darth Vader or Walter White make an appearance – but rather those guys who actually do a decent job of parenting. Bravo, gentlemen.

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Soapbox: Top of the pops – The 10 best dads in Pop Culture