Soapbox: Superman – 7 Weird Superpowers (And 8 Weaknesses) He Only Has In The Movies

No matter who’s wearing the cape, big screen Supes always seems to get new powers!

Superman has an impressive array of superpowers – even by superhero standards. Since he first debuted in 1938, the Man of Steel’s abilities have developed dramatically, to the point where the character’s detractors argue that his adventures are no longer entertaining.

After all, these days, Superman moves many times faster than a speeding bullet, and is far more powerful than any locomotive. As for skyscrapers? He doesn’t leap over them so much as soar.

This presents a challenge for writers: how can they make Superman’s struggles compelling, when the guy can do pretty much anything? Over the past few decades, solutions have included everything from decreasing the upper limits of his powers to beefing up those of the enemies he faces.

Critics are divided over whether either of these approaches is the right one – or whether the answer really lies with writers getting more creative. Nevertheless, the one thing everyone – writers and readers alike – seems to agree on is that the last thing Superman needs is more superpowers.

Apparently, this doesn’t extend to the filmmakers behind the various Superman moviesthough, who have a perplexing habit of attributing new abilities – and, more understandably – weaknesses to our hero. What’s more, many of these new strengths and vulnerabilities come across as downright strange – even for a character who can fire microwaves out of his eyes!

With this in mind, here are 7 Weird Superpowers (And 8 Weaknesses) Superman Only Has In The Movies.

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Soapbox: Superman – 7 Weird Superpowers (And 8 Weaknesses) He Only Has In The Movies

Soapbox: 15 Supervillain Plots That Make Absolutely No Sense

Bond DEFINITELY questioned the logic of Goldfinger’s latest plan…

Everyone loves a larger-than-life supervillain plot. With good reason, too – after all, our favourite action-adventure franchises couldn’t function without the outlandish schemes of a bad guy trying to take over (or destroy!) the world. Think about it: where would James Bond be without the wicked designs of a cackling mastermind to foil? And yet, for every fiendishly ingenious plan that makes you marvel at the brilliance of the mind behind it, there’s at least as many out there that make no sense whatsoever.

There’s several reasons why a supervillain’s plot can fail to add-up. Maybe it’s the case that the plot in question is poorly thought out and won’t achieve the villain’s stated goals. Perhaps it’s a scenario where that old killjoy, real-world science, makes the successful execution of a plot impossible, at least as stated. Or it could be that the plan isn’t laid-out very clearly, making it hard to follow how and why it will work.

Whatever the reason may be, the end result is a nefarious scheme that leaves fans scratching their heads and asking, “Wait, what’s going on here?” In recognition of moments such as these, here’s a rundown of 15 Supervillain Plots That Make Absolutely No Sense.

This post was written exclusively for Screen Rant – click here to read the full article

Soapbox: 15 Supervillain Plots That Make Absolutely No Sense

Soapbox: Logan reminds us that great stories are more important than continuity

Logan doesn’t care about much, and that includes continuity

By now, we’ve all had a chance to see Logan, and it’s safe to say that for most fans and critics, the film serves as a great send-off for Hugh Jackman as he hangs up his claws after over decade and a half in the role.

There are several reasons for Logan’s success – including its smaller, more relatable scale and tighter focus on a small cast of characters – but without doubt a key reason why this Wolverine swansong soars is because it stands largely apart from the wider X-Men franchise.

Sure, it has links to earlier films in the series, but it also tends to gloss over (or even flat-out ignore) any aspects of the established canon that don’t fit with the story director James Mangold wants to tell, and in doing so, it reminds us that when it comes to storytelling versus continuity, the former is always more important than the latter.

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Soapbox: Logan reminds us that great stories are more important than continuity

Five Minutes With…Guy Hendrix Dyas (Part 1)

Guy collaborating with director Terry Gilliam on the set of The Brothers Grimm

Ever watched a movie or TV show and thought to yourself: “Damn, this sure looks pretty”?

I’m willing to bet that you have, and the person you should be thanking for those stunning visuals is the production designer (or PD, for short).

PDs look after the overall look of a film or TV show, working alongside the director and producer to choose the settings and develop the style needed to tell the story visually.

Needless to say, they are a major creative force on any production, as the work of this month’s Five Minutes With… Q&A participant, Guy Hendrix Dyas, makes abundantly clear.

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Five Minutes With…Guy Hendrix Dyas (Part 1)